Welcome back to the Byron Market

February 27, 2009

The Byron Bay market  is always a sensory feast for all.  It is a melting pot of culture.  International travellers and locals, along with a healthy dose of folk from everywhere in between, all mixing it up to create a certain “Byron Style”. 

The market provides stall holders and local performers with an important source of income as well as providing a  social and cultural focus for the community. 

Preference is given to local stallholders who make or grow their produce, and as such the market has helped many Byron businesses flourish and become successful nationally and even internationally.

Each month the market invites two local charities to be Charity of the Day. These charities collect donations at the entrances to the market. This popular method of fundraising is a major boost for many local organisations .

The Byron Market led the way in introducing a green waste disposal system. Through Waste Wise, our minimisation initiative, the market recycles all plastics, glass, aluminium and compostable waste.

PS .Please leave your animals at home, it’s a health regulation thing.


In the late afternoon the drumming beging

In the late afternoon the drumming begins.

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