A seat in the shade.

March 3, 2009
Pip Cleary

Pip Cleary

I started early at Byron Bay Markets last  Sunday morning in an attempt to get around and talk to all the stallholders. As the heat of the day kicked in the magnitude of my task started to hit home.  There is a plethra of stalls at Byron Bay Markets but l think l managed to get to the majority of them. 

I was encouraged by the response l recieved,  the smiling faces and the genuinely friendly, helpful stall holders. 

During my rounds I saw lots of  professionally produced and presented products ranging from food seasoning  to very cool baby wear, hand blowen glass beads  to frangipani tube stock.  There is without a doubt something for everyone at these markets.

The information is now starting to roll in.  If l did not get to talk to you, my apologies.  In a nut shell l am compiling a Byron Market stall directory to go online.  If you would like to be listed the information is at http://www.pipcleary.info/   or you can simply email  your details to me at byronbaymarketplace@gmail.com .

l would like to thank everyone who took the time to talk to me, especially those of you who gave me a seat in the shade .

Regards Pip Cleary

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