Byron Markets by pro surfer Megan Abubo

March 5, 2009

On the first lay day of the Roxy Pro I went down to Byron Bay for the Sunday markets. I don’t particularly like markets but a little  Byron Bay on a Sunday mixed with the markets sounded very interesting to me so decided to give it a go and head an hour south of the goldie.

A few of the girls decided to join in the trek: Lee Anne Curren, Rosie Hodge, Amee Donohoe and Nikita Robb. Lucky for me I was jus a passenger cuz Amee’s Donohoes dad drove the whole way so I just checked out the rolling hills. The Byron Bay markets were bustling with people, music, food, and plenty of patchouli in the air. My first stop was the Mexican burrito truck. I have been away from home for about 10 days now and just had to stop for a brekki burrito. I have to say it was the best egg burrito outside of California I have ever tasted. It was just weird when the guy handed it to me in an aussie accent and said, “ g’day mate” haha. I wandered the aisles and saw so many cool things I would have bought if not for the 10 hour plane ride home and customs. But I managed to buy a couple of cool aussie products. Freshly made Byron Bay lemongrass soaps and a cool home made handbag. Markets are tough for me cuz I don’t know how to barter, and I don’t really like shopping. At least when I go to a mall there is air con. But these markets were different because when I got bored I would just wander over to the nearest musical act and listen to African drumming, patridge family like band, or didgeridoo player. I almost bought a drum set but opted not to . I don’t think lisa would have liked the loud banging. Haha.

After the markets we ventured into the main street. The only destination I had in mind was the Top Pub . I love to people watch and have a cold ozzie beer. This pub is infamous around these parts of Australia. People come straight in from the surf boardies still wet, sand on the feet, and salt in the hair and say “ can I have a schooner of new please” . there are no signs that say shoes required. There are people everywhere at all times of the day. We sat on a little corner table and just soaked it all in. Sundays in Australia are days to drink and me merry. In America it’s a day of rest cause all we can think of is work the next day. But ozzies are like nah this is our day of rest. Everyone is out having lunch and drinks and kind of dressed up. You especially see large groups of girls chatting away. After some good people watching and a beer we headed back to the goldie for a rest. There have been rumours floating that we may surf tomorrow so I wanted to be rested up and ready to go. Good night from down unda.

Good luck to Megan in the Roxy Pro.   You can check out her official website and heaps more great photos  at  http://www.meganabubo.com/


  1. Thanks for sharing your Byron Bay experience; sounds almost like my home town, San Diego with an ozzie accent. Love the photo, will definitely check out your website.

    • Hi Underh2ocameras,
      I am glad you enjoyed having a peek at Byron Bay. I will see if l can find you some underwater photos of Julian Rocks so you can have a peek at Byron Bay below sea level!!

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