10 tips for a top day at Byron Bay Markets

March 19, 2009
 The first Sunday of each month, after the markets you can walk to the beach.

Byron Markets. The first Sunday of each month.

1.  Start early to avoid the heat of the day, especially if you are going      with young children.

2.  Take sun block, you can purchase a groovy hat there.

3.  Go on an empty stomach, the market food is great.  Look out for the Breakie Burrito!

4.   Allow at least half a day.  With over 300 stalls there is plenty for everyone to look at.

5.   Make the stall holders life easy and take small denomination notes.

6.   Wear comfortable shoes.  Its not a new idea but it is still a good one.  Your feet will thank you.

7.    You know that motto when you travel, ‘Take half the luggage and twice the money’, It could equally apply here.  Pack light, the less to carry the better.

8.  After the markets  head up to Main Beach for a refreshing swim and a cleansing ale at The Beach Hotel.  Free music after 4pm!

9.   Enjoyment is the key whether it be your first time or of one of many visits.  Smile, take your time and have a good day.

10.   Take a photo or write about your favourite stall, product or day in general and send it in to this blog     byronbaymarketplace@gmail.com.

Have a great time at the markets.

PS. Remember to leave the hound at home, it’s a health regulation thing!


  1. Love your tips for the market!! And pleased to hear shoes are optional at the Beach Hotel = Really is a ‘laid back’ place!
    I LOVE the Byron Markets – they are soo colourful. And always buzzing with activity & music & entertainment.
    Love the food stalls, the fresh fruit&vege area; the sights, the smells – it certainly is a unique place!!
    Many of my biker friends & I often make a ‘full days ride’ out of a trip to the markets. We enjoy the wonderful winding country roads between Gold Coast & Byron; or sometimes take the Coast Road through Cabbarita, Hastings Point & Pottsville.
    Every year around August/September a Motorcycle Club I have links with, puts on a ‘Breakfast Run’ – where up to 100 bikes (often more) leave the Southern Gold Coast Clubhouse for the ride to the markets. As we turn into the Market Street we can smell our breakfast cooking for us!! A couple of club members have gone ahead in a van with BBQ Equipment & a pile of food. They prepare parking for the bikes, and have a yummy tasty spread waiting for us as we arrive.
    After the breaky we head off to explore the markets = a fantastic way to start market day – I reckon!!

    • I think your right Janina, that sounds like a great start to market day. Next time you are doing your breakfast cook up at Byron market l will endeavour to get a photo. I must also take this opportunity to set the record straight. Upon closer inspection of the House Policy at the Beach Hotel l discovered that shoes are actually a requirement of entry. My appologies. Ride carefully and look forward to seeing you at the markets. Regards Pip

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