The Clubhouse “Breakfast Run” down to Byron Bay Markets

March 29, 2009

This post was kindly contributed by a  friend of mine called Yanina.  Yanina amongst other things is a fellow blogger and besides motorbikes she is into Yoga.  You can check out her blog at Yaninayoga.wordpress.com I look forward to checking out the bikers breakfast next time you all ride into town.  Thanks for your post Yanina.

The Breakfast Run by Yanina
I LOVE the Byron Markets, they are so colourful.   Always buzzing with activity, music and entertainment.
I love the food stalls, the fresh fruit and vege , the sights and the smells.   It certainly is a unique place!!
Many of my biker friends and I make a ‘full days ride’ out of a trip to the markets.  We enjoy the wonderful winding country roads between Gold Coast and Byron.  Sometimes we take the Coast Road through Cabbarita, Hastings Point and down to Pottsville.
Every year around August/September my Motorcycle Club  puts on a ‘Breakfast Run’.  Up to 100 bikes (often more) leave the Southern Gold Coast Clubhouse for the ride to the Byron Bay Markets.   As we turn into Butler Street we can smell our breakfast cooking!!   A couple of club members have gone ahead in a van with BBQ Equipment and a pile of food.   They prepare parking for the bikes and have a yummy spread waiting for us when we arrive.
After the breaky we head off to explore the markets.   A  fantastic way to start market day!!

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