Gumboots mandatory at The Blues Festival

April 10, 2009
The must have item of the 2009 Blues & Roots Festival

The must have item of the 2009 Blues & Roots Festival


Do not leave home without your gumboots.  It will come as no surprise to the many regular Blues and Roots goers that Belongil Fields already resembles a swamp.  More years than not the Blues and Roots Festival is wet.  It is more or less the norm.  No sooner have the campers put their tent pegs into the ground and the skies open. 
This year the rain got in before the campers,  with the best part of two weeks worth prior to the big event.  You can imagine the state of the grounds.  To my suprise  there were a fair portion of the crowd last night wearing thongs!  After a while, as their feet became muddier and muddier, it became difficult to determine exactly what was on their feet.   The tell tail trail of mud up the middle of their backs,  flicked up from their thongs was the give away.

Mud or no mud, everybody was out to have a good time.  And as for the couple of showers during the evening, the tents are so massive there is plenty of shelter for everyone.  I did not see any unrest or aggro, just lots of dancing and lots of smiles and of course lots of good music.

My B&R tip..If you are concerned your shoes will not cut it and keep the water out, put a fruit and vegie bag over your socks before you slip your foot into your shoe.  Dry feet make for more dancing!

If you are lucky enough to be attending have a great time.

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