Byron Natures Gift – Chemical Free Skin Care

April 22, 2009

Healthy glowing skin is a combination of healthy eating, exercise and taking good care of the skin using only natural organic ingredients without harmful chemicals which can be detrimental to our health.
Some ingredients in skincare are actually industrial strength chemicals and petroleum by-products.

All you need is few minutes in the morning and evening to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin.  What a wonderful way to start the day by cleansing your face, stimulating circulation and refreshing the skin with  floral water enriched with plant extracts. Your skin will feel soft and silky smooth.
All you need is a light application of nutrient rich day cream to leave your skin feeling pampered and protected all day.   Also what a lovely way to end the day by taking few minutes to pamper yourself and infuse your skin with luxurious rich moisturisers that have been enriched with high concentration of active organic ingredients with ultra healing powers of rose hip and plant extracts to work on you skin while you sleep.

You will feel the difference evolving as the high concentration of fresh active ingredients begin to repair,
regenerate and heal your skin, giving it a healthy glow.



Organic Skin Care At Its Best

Organic Skin Care At Its Best


Byron Nature’s Gift products are free from synthetic ingredients; sorbolene, mineral oils, petroleum products, synthetic and paraben preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances, sulphates.

In Byron Nature’s Gift products we use:
highest quality certified organic ingredients which penetrate the skin to achieve the maximum benefits for your skin with superior results.  Therapeutic essential oils and herbal extracts with healing and anti-ageing properties.  Natural preservative blend of herbal and anti bacterial extracts, anti-oxidants, essential oils and vitamins – natural preservative safer for your skin and general health.

We use recyclable, hand-blown blue glass jars and P.E.T. bottles to protect our products from sunlight, which can break down the active ingredients.

Shelf  life of Byron Nature’s Gift products is 12-14months. We encourage you to use the product once it has been opened to achieve the best results for your skin. Product requires ambient temperature (10-25 degrees), away from direct sunlight. 

Byron Nature’s Gift products are freshly handmade in small batches to ensure high standards of quality control and to insure that only the very best and purest ingredients are being used to make our products.

Our products do not have any animal ingredients and are only tested on people.
You can find the lovely people from Natures Gift at the Byron Markets or check out their devine products on line.  www.byronnaturesgift.com.au

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