Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia By Bobby Vegas

May 4, 2009

No photos available of Bobby in Byron Bay. It is not that cold in Byron, more thongs and t shirt weather! Anyway back to Bobby!

Folks, I have arrived.  I only have a minute to type.  I’ve got no credit on my internet card!  But, the past two weeks have been so intense and powerful.  So good, though.  First off, my great, dear friend Travis from Outward Bound passed away while leading a mountain climbing trip in Argentina.  It’s been hard to grieve abroad, but things have been so inspiring since I received the news from my buddy Jason’s dad.  I had a ceremony at a cliff-side lighthouse which perches on the most easterly point in Australia.  Pretty heavy, huh?  Truly, though I have been blessed beyond belief.  BYRON BAY is so incredible.  The people have shown me love that I couldn’t imagine nor attempt to put into words.  From every culture I’ve been reached out to…italy germany france israel canada brazil england ireland…it makes me tear up to read that sentence back- no lie.  And man, I haven’t cried in YEARS. But the love is so intense.  I have decided to soak up the pristine beaches and twinkling starry nights here in Byron for a few more days to heal and rest my soul.  Yes, I recognize I sound hippie-dippy right now: which I am a bit.  But that’s me, for those who know me 🙂  In the next couple weeks, pray for good weather as I head to Coastal Queensland.  There’s been a cyclone hanging around, but not really affecting my world much, which is good.  Also, my tent broke which is a bummer. It’s still functional, but needs a bit of help to say the least 🙂 Headed off to Hervey Bay for whale watching, then the GREAT BARRIER REEF, while ending in the “backpacking carnival” town of Cairns. So yeah, I’m gonna stay put with the international family I’ve got going on right now at the ARTS FACTORY (which on a side note is the WORLD’S BEST BACKPACKER RESORT…CHECK IT ONLINE)
To check out more of Bobby’s travel blog just follow the link below.

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