Attention Community Market Stallholders, Weekend Market Goers and Internet Browers,

May 4, 2009

I am sending out a request for your input/feedback into a Community Market Website l am designing.

Do your local markets have a web presence?   If so could you please send me the web address of their site?

The idea of the site is to provide market goers and stallholders with a useful online space for them to be able to find related information, contact each other and provide a platform for the promotion of the stalls.  I am looking for information from you as either a stallholder, a visitor to a Community Market or a on-line viewer of related Community Sites. 

What do you want to see when you go looking for market information?  

Is there any Community Market information you want to know that you cannot find at the moment? 

Have you noticed anything handy or useful when you have been looking at other information sites?

I would appriciate any  ideas, comments or feedback you have.  Please click on the comments link at the bottom of this article and leave me your thoughts. 

Thanks for sharing.
Regards Pip

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