Coolana Olives WOW! World Class

February 9, 2010

Results speak for themselves ….   
National Australian Table Olive Competition
See photos below

Best of Show Silver – Garlic Lime Chilli Baked Olives
Silver – Sweet Thai Lime Baked Olives
Silver – BBQ Baked Olives
Silver – Semi Dried Garlic & Herb Olives
Bronze – Sicilian Baked Olives
Bronze – Sicilian Chilli Baked Olives

Silver – Sicilian Baked Olives
Silver – BBQ Baked Olives
Silver – Smoked Baked Olives

Coolana Olives is a two person operation.   And what an inspiration they are.  Dot and Ian  have hand planted a 1000,  now mature olive trees of numerous varieties.  They have nurtured their  trees with their own organic fodder and they are now turning our arguable Australia tastiest olives and olive oil.  Not to mention the balsamic glazes and dukka!   From the olives on the trees,  they harvest, process, press, bake, package, label, the lot.  They do everything. 

Both Dot and Ian are accredited olive oil judges and Ian is also a member of the Australian Olive Oil Organoleptic Panel.  If you get the feeling they know what they are doing, you would be right. 

Their products, without exception are amazing.  Like WOW .   I will never go back to a Woolworth’s olive again.
The icing on the cake is  how charming  hospitable and genuine they both are. 

Coolana Olives is situated just outside of Lowood, South East Queensland.
The good news is their products are available online. 
If you are looking for an olive oil that you will want to put over EVERYTHING,  incredible olives, food that will make you go “WOW” then go to http://www.coolanaolives.com/

You will not be disappointed.

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