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Attention Community Market Stallholders, Weekend Market Goers and Internet Browers,

May 4, 2009

I am sending out a request for your input/feedback into a Community Market Website l am designing.

Do your local markets have a web presence?   If so could you please send me the web address of their site?

The idea of the site is to provide market goers and stallholders with a useful online space for them to be able to find related information, contact each other and provide a platform for the promotion of the stalls.  I am looking for information from you as either a stallholder, a visitor to a Community Market or a on-line viewer of related Community Sites. 

What do you want to see when you go looking for market information?  

Is there any Community Market information you want to know that you cannot find at the moment? 

Have you noticed anything handy or useful when you have been looking at other information sites?

I would appriciate any  ideas, comments or feedback you have.  Please click on the comments link at the bottom of this article and leave me your thoughts. 

Thanks for sharing.
Regards Pip


Easter Monday Market at Byron Bay

April 7, 2009
Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny


The Byron Bay market this Easter  is being held on Easter Monday.  That’s the  13th April. Pack your gumboots and cross your fingers for sunshine.  It should be a busy one.


Are the Byron Bay Markets on Today?

April 4, 2009

The big question.  To check you can ring the Community Center on 02) 66 80 97 03.  On that number you will find a recorded  message updated around  7am Sunday morning .  Once the decision has been made,  market or no market, it will be aired via  99.9 Bay FM.  
I have to leave before the 7 am decision is made, but if you are coming  any distance l would recommend you make a quick call and confirm  the markets are on.
The  Butler St Reserve is bound to be soggy .  Pack your gumboots and  grab the umbrella on the way out the door!


10 tips for a top day at Byron Bay Markets

March 19, 2009
 The first Sunday of each month, after the markets you can walk to the beach.

Byron Markets. The first Sunday of each month.

1.  Start early to avoid the heat of the day, especially if you are going      with young children.

2.  Take sun block, you can purchase a groovy hat there.

3.  Go on an empty stomach, the market food is great.  Look out for the Breakie Burrito!

4.   Allow at least half a day.  With over 300 stalls there is plenty for everyone to look at.

5.   Make the stall holders life easy and take small denomination notes.

6.   Wear comfortable shoes.  Its not a new idea but it is still a good one.  Your feet will thank you.

7.    You know that motto when you travel, ‘Take half the luggage and twice the money’, It could equally apply here.  Pack light, the less to carry the better.

8.  After the markets  head up to Main Beach for a refreshing swim and a cleansing ale at The Beach Hotel.  Free music after 4pm!

9.   Enjoyment is the key whether it be your first time or of one of many visits.  Smile, take your time and have a good day.

10.   Take a photo or write about your favourite stall, product or day in general and send it in to this blog

Have a great time at the markets.

PS. Remember to leave the hound at home, it’s a health regulation thing!


A seat in the shade.

March 3, 2009
Pip Cleary

Pip Cleary

I started early at Byron Bay Markets last  Sunday morning in an attempt to get around and talk to all the stallholders. As the heat of the day kicked in the magnitude of my task started to hit home.  There is a plethra of stalls at Byron Bay Markets but l think l managed to get to the majority of them. 

I was encouraged by the response l recieved,  the smiling faces and the genuinely friendly, helpful stall holders. 

During my rounds I saw lots of  professionally produced and presented products ranging from food seasoning  to very cool baby wear, hand blowen glass beads  to frangipani tube stock.  There is without a doubt something for everyone at these markets.

The information is now starting to roll in.  If l did not get to talk to you, my apologies.  In a nut shell l am compiling a Byron Market stall directory to go online.  If you would like to be listed the information is at   or you can simply email  your details to me at .

l would like to thank everyone who took the time to talk to me, especially those of you who gave me a seat in the shade .

Regards Pip Cleary


A hot Sunday at the Byron Markets

March 2, 2009
Colour and movement galore at Byron Markets.

Colour and movement galore at Byron Markets.

Simple Pleasures. What a lovely name.

Simple Pleasures. What a lovely name.

Who was this talented man?  His music had the people moving and grooving!

Who was this talented man? His music had the people moving and grooving!


Welcome back to the Byron Market

February 27, 2009

The Byron Bay market  is always a sensory feast for all.  It is a melting pot of culture.  International travellers and locals, along with a healthy dose of folk from everywhere in between, all mixing it up to create a certain “Byron Style”. 

The market provides stall holders and local performers with an important source of income as well as providing a  social and cultural focus for the community. 

Preference is given to local stallholders who make or grow their produce, and as such the market has helped many Byron businesses flourish and become successful nationally and even internationally.

Each month the market invites two local charities to be Charity of the Day. These charities collect donations at the entrances to the market. This popular method of fundraising is a major boost for many local organisations .

The Byron Market led the way in introducing a green waste disposal system. Through Waste Wise, our minimisation initiative, the market recycles all plastics, glass, aluminium and compostable waste.

PS .Please leave your animals at home, it’s a health regulation thing.


In the late afternoon the drumming beging

In the late afternoon the drumming begins.