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Meemoh Handmade Toys

May 25, 2009
Duck Egg Blue Babooshka

Duck Egg Blue Babooshka

Created by three Mums living in Byron Bay, Meemoh offers kids stuff that is natural, individual and fun. When decorating our children’s rooms, we found that the choice in the commercial market was limited. Our aim was, therefore, to create natural and quality products that appeal to both children and adults alike. We use 100% cotton fabrics and all products are lovingly handmade by our selves here in Byron Bay. We try to keep the designs simple as the fabrics speak for themselves.

Blue Zoo Bunny

Blue Zoo Bunny

Meemoh loves to work with an eclectic mix of vintage inspired and sourced fabrics in vibrant colours and simple designs, which are fun and fresh and will stand the test of time. So when we are not running around after our kids, we are designing, sewing and working on new ideas for the range.
Meemoh offers ranges for both girls and boys, from newborn and up.

You can find meemoh toys at the Byron Bay Markets or look at their range of products online at


Byron 2 Tweed All things bright and beautiful

April 30, 2009
Who does not love a frangapani?

Who does not love a frangipani?

Imagine going to a wedding. You find your seat and there on the table for each guest is a neatly  package living frangipani stick ready to be taken home and planted in your garden or a pot.  What a great idea. What a beautiful way to remember your friends wedding.  Sit back and watch it bloom.  I am taken with this idea. It think it is a winner.

Byron 2 Tweed specialise in all things frangipani.  Postcards, gift cards, prints, canvases, plants and of course gift sticks.  You can find them at the Byron Bay Markets or call them on 02) 6677 1980.   They will happily mail anything out to you.   You can also visit them on line at


Nurture with Nature. Soaps oils incense and orangutans.

April 24, 2009
Hand made soaps
Your skin is the body’s largest organ, if you nuture your skin it can eliminate up to one third of the body’s toxins. At NURTURE with NATURE we have developed a beautiful range of soaps that will nourish and respect the skin that you live in.
Hand made soaps.  They'll make you smell good enough to eat!
Hand made soaps. They smell good enough to eat!

NATURAL essential oil blends based on AROMATHERAPY, NATURAL colours, NATURAL exfoliants, food grade vegetable oils of, coconut, olive, Ricebran & hempseed combined with lye water and French clay.

Our soap recipe guarantees you a luxurious, rich, lathering soap that will leave you and your bathroom smelling great. We invite you to indulge in this simple yet amazing experience provided by NATURE for YOU.

Just add water and enjoy


100% Pure Essential Oils
100% Pure Essential Oils


 You can visit nurture with nature online at , at the Byron Bay Markets or in the Arts & Industry Estate at 13 Acacia St.  Open Tue-Sat  10am to 5pm.


Byron Natures Gift – Chemical Free Skin Care

April 22, 2009

Healthy glowing skin is a combination of healthy eating, exercise and taking good care of the skin using only natural organic ingredients without harmful chemicals which can be detrimental to our health.
Some ingredients in skincare are actually industrial strength chemicals and petroleum by-products.

All you need is few minutes in the morning and evening to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin.  What a wonderful way to start the day by cleansing your face, stimulating circulation and refreshing the skin with  floral water enriched with plant extracts. Your skin will feel soft and silky smooth.
All you need is a light application of nutrient rich day cream to leave your skin feeling pampered and protected all day.   Also what a lovely way to end the day by taking few minutes to pamper yourself and infuse your skin with luxurious rich moisturisers that have been enriched with high concentration of active organic ingredients with ultra healing powers of rose hip and plant extracts to work on you skin while you sleep.

You will feel the difference evolving as the high concentration of fresh active ingredients begin to repair,
regenerate and heal your skin, giving it a healthy glow.


Organic Skin Care At Its Best

Organic Skin Care At Its Best


Byron Nature’s Gift products are free from synthetic ingredients; sorbolene, mineral oils, petroleum products, synthetic and paraben preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances, sulphates.

In Byron Nature’s Gift products we use:
highest quality certified organic ingredients which penetrate the skin to achieve the maximum benefits for your skin with superior results.  Therapeutic essential oils and herbal extracts with healing and anti-ageing properties.  Natural preservative blend of herbal and anti bacterial extracts, anti-oxidants, essential oils and vitamins – natural preservative safer for your skin and general health.

We use recyclable, hand-blown blue glass jars and P.E.T. bottles to protect our products from sunlight, which can break down the active ingredients.

Shelf  life of Byron Nature’s Gift products is 12-14months. We encourage you to use the product once it has been opened to achieve the best results for your skin. Product requires ambient temperature (10-25 degrees), away from direct sunlight. 

Byron Nature’s Gift products are freshly handmade in small batches to ensure high standards of quality control and to insure that only the very best and purest ingredients are being used to make our products.

Our products do not have any animal ingredients and are only tested on people.
You can find the lovely people from Natures Gift at the Byron Markets or check out their devine products on line.


Heart Beat Designs from Byron Bay

April 6, 2009

 Nadia’s work is as varied as it is beautiful.  This is only a small sample. To view her gallery go to



The feature tiles from Heartbeat Designs are designed and hand made by Nadia who settled in Byron Bay in 1980 to raise her family after travelling and living in various countries, particularly in India.  She has always been captivated by the visual world and has taken photographs since she was 14 years old. She has brought together her love of Nature, colour and photography with a completely unique technique which she applies to the creation of beautiful feature tiles using organic materials such as flowers, bark, and leaves – the leaves of the bodhi tree (ficus religiosa) figure in a lot of her work as a symbol of wisdom and consciousness – as well as acrylic, water colours, natural ochres and her photographs. A lot of her work is layered in a way where one’s imagination may unfold.





Baby Blessing



Heartbeat tiles can be set into bathroom or kitchen walls, built into furniture such as table tops, mounted into stone walls, the possibilities are endless.  The small tiles make great coasters.  Heartbeat tiles look beautiful displayed in their own right as art pieces, hanging on a wall or free standing on the edge of a bath tub or a window sill.

For more information and to view more of Nadia’s beautiful work go to


The Clubhouse “Breakfast Run” down to Byron Bay Markets

March 29, 2009

This post was kindly contributed by a  friend of mine called Yanina.  Yanina amongst other things is a fellow blogger and besides motorbikes she is into Yoga.  You can check out her blog at I look forward to checking out the bikers breakfast next time you all ride into town.  Thanks for your post Yanina.

The Breakfast Run by Yanina
I LOVE the Byron Markets, they are so colourful.   Always buzzing with activity, music and entertainment.
I love the food stalls, the fresh fruit and vege , the sights and the smells.   It certainly is a unique place!!
Many of my biker friends and I make a ‘full days ride’ out of a trip to the markets.  We enjoy the wonderful winding country roads between Gold Coast and Byron.  Sometimes we take the Coast Road through Cabbarita, Hastings Point and down to Pottsville.
Every year around August/September my Motorcycle Club  puts on a ‘Breakfast Run’.  Up to 100 bikes (often more) leave the Southern Gold Coast Clubhouse for the ride to the Byron Bay Markets.   As we turn into Butler Street we can smell our breakfast cooking!!   A couple of club members have gone ahead in a van with BBQ Equipment and a pile of food.   They prepare parking for the bikes and have a yummy spread waiting for us when we arrive.
After the breaky we head off to explore the markets.   A  fantastic way to start market day!!


Byron Markets by pro surfer Megan Abubo

March 5, 2009

On the first lay day of the Roxy Pro I went down to Byron Bay for the Sunday markets. I don’t particularly like markets but a little  Byron Bay on a Sunday mixed with the markets sounded very interesting to me so decided to give it a go and head an hour south of the goldie.

A few of the girls decided to join in the trek: Lee Anne Curren, Rosie Hodge, Amee Donohoe and Nikita Robb. Lucky for me I was jus a passenger cuz Amee’s Donohoes dad drove the whole way so I just checked out the rolling hills. The Byron Bay markets were bustling with people, music, food, and plenty of patchouli in the air. My first stop was the Mexican burrito truck. I have been away from home for about 10 days now and just had to stop for a brekki burrito. I have to say it was the best egg burrito outside of California I have ever tasted. It was just weird when the guy handed it to me in an aussie accent and said, “ g’day mate” haha. I wandered the aisles and saw so many cool things I would have bought if not for the 10 hour plane ride home and customs. But I managed to buy a couple of cool aussie products. Freshly made Byron Bay lemongrass soaps and a cool home made handbag. Markets are tough for me cuz I don’t know how to barter, and I don’t really like shopping. At least when I go to a mall there is air con. But these markets were different because when I got bored I would just wander over to the nearest musical act and listen to African drumming, patridge family like band, or didgeridoo player. I almost bought a drum set but opted not to . I don’t think lisa would have liked the loud banging. Haha.

After the markets we ventured into the main street. The only destination I had in mind was the Top Pub . I love to people watch and have a cold ozzie beer. This pub is infamous around these parts of Australia. People come straight in from the surf boardies still wet, sand on the feet, and salt in the hair and say “ can I have a schooner of new please” . there are no signs that say shoes required. There are people everywhere at all times of the day. We sat on a little corner table and just soaked it all in. Sundays in Australia are days to drink and me merry. In America it’s a day of rest cause all we can think of is work the next day. But ozzies are like nah this is our day of rest. Everyone is out having lunch and drinks and kind of dressed up. You especially see large groups of girls chatting away. After some good people watching and a beer we headed back to the goldie for a rest. There have been rumours floating that we may surf tomorrow so I wanted to be rested up and ready to go. Good night from down unda.

Good luck to Megan in the Roxy Pro.   You can check out her official website and heaps more great photos  at